Customer case: CallMeSmart AS

"CallMeSmart AS is a software and communication products company established in 2015 to complete the development of the CallMeSmart technology into a market ready product, and to bring it out to hospitals and clinics globally. The CallMeSmart system is a lightweight and cost-effective smartphone system for modernising communications in hospitals and clinics. It provides secure smartphone communications for clinicians, an intelligent communications routing system minimising interruptions and simple tools to organise communications according to departmental tasks, roles and responsibilities." ©

From February to August 2017, CallMeSmart outsourced the role of Tech Lead in the project to Eric Eikrem & Co. Technologies: Linux at large, Asterisk, LDAP, CAS, OpenFire (XMPP) and XenServer. Our deliveries included:

IT infrastructure

Building and maintaining IT infrastructure.

System operationalization

Assist with the streamlining of the system; moving it from research to operation.

Support and training

Development of user support and training, including the development of learning content.


Support quality assurance, including development of internal documentation.

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